Teeth In A Day

Multiple Implant Placements – In Just One Day
For a fast and effective solution to having multiple missing teeth or if you have experienced some problems with your dentures, then we can offer this fantastic and very successful procedure that allows our patients to receive a fully fixed arch of teeth, all in just one day. An extremely natural substitute to real teeth, the extremely popular Bredent Fast and fixed technique uses between 4 and six implants to provide a non-removable arch of teeth.

What are the benefits of Teeth in a Day 
By replacing missing teeth you can affect the whole shape of your cheeks, when people have missing teeth the cheeks have nothing to rest against this results in the sucked-in look.

The treatment provides a non-removable solution to missing teeth and as the implants fuse with a patient’s natural jaw bone, they provide superb stability that you don’t get with traditional dentures.

This means that you can say goodbye to denture adhesives and powders and speak and eat more easily. You no longer have to worry that your denture will become loose or fall out as you have permanent, non-removable teeth.

In addition this time saving treatment gives you beautiful teeth and smile with full and immediate functionality.

What happens during treatment?
We will carry out a full consultation to determine your suitability for this technique. We then carry out a full CT scan to help plan the procedure. Any badly decayed teeth will be removed before we place the implants highly accurately with guided surgery. In time the implants will fuse with your jaw bone which provides maximum stability for the implants.

This all means you can walk in with no or failing teeth and walk out with fixed teeth the very same day!

Please note that you are supplied with a fully functional non removable bridge on leaving however it will be necessary that a final bridge will need to be made after everything has healed and integrated that will fit perfectly in your mouth.

If you would like to know how we can help you to enhance your smile at a pace and price to suit you and your lifestyle, Please call us on 0113 218 1919.

Changing Lives

Thank you for all your kindness, skill and friendship. To say you have made me smile is an understatement. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways. It has been an exciting journey over the past year and the results are beyond my dreams.

Transforming Smiles

Dentists. Artists. Dream Makers

Meet our highly experienced Team of clinicians, led by 3 Partners; Donald Sloss, Jon Swarbrigg & Mark Willings all of whom excel in their individual fields they are supported by a team of Specialist dentists, all of whom have advanced skills, knowledge and experience to deliver life changing dentistry.

To read their biographies, click on the images below.

Whilst we offer routine dental care at a competitive price, our team’s advanced skills and knowledge enable them to treat patients ranging from the simple dental problems to the very complex requirements. For the more complex treatments our team would work together to ensure the best possible outcome.


To arrange a free no obligation discussion with our Treatment Coordinator please call 0113 218 1919 or email info@dentalexcellenceharewood.com

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