Orthodontic Treatments

What Orthontists Can Do

At Dental Excellence Harewood, our team can help improve the appearance of your teeth and your self-confidence by providing a variety of treatment options which can improve both the position of your teeth and also improve your facial appearance or facial profile. We treat a wide range of conditions such as overcrowding, excessive spacing, impacted teeth or can help if one or more of your adult teeth are missing (i.e. missing teeth). Sometimes treatment is needed to correct the way your teeth bite together (crossbite) or if the teeth have drifted out of alignment due to gum disease.


crowding-1 crowding-2


spacing-1 spacing-2

Prominent Teeth:

prominent-teeth-1 prominent-teeth-2

Impacted Teeth:

impacted-teeth-1 impacted-teeth-2

Drifted Teeth:

drifted-teeth-1 drifted-teeth-2


crossbite-1 cross-bite-2


Invisalign – Please click here for more details

Clear Ceramic Braces

These fixed braces are a cosmetic alternative to the conventional metal fixed braces and can be used to treat similar irregularities of the teeth. They offer the distinct advantage of being almost invisible.


Metal Braces

Fixed Appliances are placed when all the adult teeth have developed in the mouth (approx. age 12-14).

Fixed braces can be used to correct crowding, close spaces etc



Clear Plastic

At the end of your orthodontic treatment you will be provided with a retainer which may be a removable brace, a fixed retainer or a combination of both. A removable retainer needs to be worn for 2 days full time, then every night in bed for at least a year and after this at least 3 nights per week long term. This will prevent the teeth moving back to their original position.


Upper Fixed Retainer

A fixed retainer is a wire cemented to the back of the upper or lower teeth. Fixed retainers are left on indefinitely unless they break or cause damage to the teeth or gums.


If you would like to know how we can help you to enhance your smile at a pace and price to suit you and your lifestyle, Please call us on 0113 218 1919.

Changing Lives

Thank you for all your kindness, skill and friendship. To say you have made me smile is an understatement. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways. It has been an exciting journey over the past year and the results are beyond my dreams.

Transforming Smiles

Dentists. Artists. Dream Makers

Meet our highly experienced Team of clinicians, led by 3 Partners; Donald Sloss, Jon Swarbrigg & Mark Willings all of whom excel in their individual fields they are supported by a team of Specialist dentists, all of whom have advanced skills, knowledge and experience to deliver life changing dentistry.

To read their biographies, click on the images below.

Whilst we offer routine dental care at a competitive price, our team’s advanced skills and knowledge enable them to treat patients ranging from the simple dental problems to the very complex requirements. For the more complex treatments our team would work together to ensure the best possible outcome.


To arrange a free no obligation discussion with our Treatment Coordinator please call 0113 218 1919 or email info@dentalexcellenceharewood.com

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