Hygiene Services


To professionally clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar and also to show you the best way to keep your teeth free of plaque.

To prevent and treat gum disease – Gum disease causes bleeding gums, painful gums, bad breath and loose teeth. Gum disease can be treated, stopped and even reversed if caught in its early stages. Your Hygienist will not only treat gum disease but will give you the control to prevent it yourself at home with a better oral hygiene regime which in turn can prevent bad breath.

Prevent other diseases – poor dental hygiene has been linked to the development of diseases including; heart disease and diabetes.

To prevent oral cancer – when you have your dental hygiene appointment, your hygienist is also screening you for oral cancer. Oral cancer is highly curable if detected early.


When you have your check up, your Dentist will screen your gum health by performing a basic periodontal examination (BPE). Your mouth is divided into sextants and coded a score either 0,1,2,3 or 4. From this examination your Dentist can spot signs of gingivitis, periodontitis or peri-Implantitis.

Depending what you score in your BPE will determine the frequency of visits required to see the Dental Hygienist, 6 monthly, 3 monthly or more frequently depending on the severity of disease.



This is when the gums have become irritated by the presence of plaque and calculus that has not been cleaned off properly. The main sign that you may have gingivitis is bleeding when you brush your teeth. However sometimes people may have gingivitis and they may not know about it. This is why it is important to have dental checkups.


This is when the gums have been affected by gingivitis and this has progressed. Periodontitis is when the bacteria in plaque and calculus begin to affect the periodontal ligament or membrane which holds the tooth in the bone. This causes the ligament to break down and a periodontal pocket is formed between the gum and the tooth. If periodontal disease is not treated and it is allowed to progress it can become so severe that it begins to affect the bone that holds the tooth in place. this will cause the bone to wear away which then causes the tooth to become loose.

There are some things that can exacerbate periodontal disease and make things worse.

These include

*   Smoking

*   Age

*   some medical conditions eg Diabetes

Genetics – some people are genetically susceptible to developing gum disease


Is an infectious disease that causes inflammation of the surrounding gum and bone of an already integrated implant, leading to loss of supporting bone.

There are several risk factors. Smoking definitely causes constriction of the blood vessels which leads to bone loss. Medical issues such as diabetes, osteoporosis and poor immune systems are more at risk for developing bone loss around dental implants. If you have had gum disease in the past, you are more at risk.

Signs of peri-implantitis:

*Gum pockets deepen

*Pus comes out of from the implant and gum

* Bleeding at the gum line

*Appearance – gum is red or slightly purplish, tartar/plaque build up

*Metal thread exposure

*Progressive loss of supporting bone on x-rays

Your home care is crucial alongside regular visits with the Dental Hygienist.


*Airflow polishing

Air polishing for stain removal.  How does it work, powder particles (sodium bicarbonate) is delivered under air and water pressure. To get the best results  some prior scaling may be required. The results are immediate and this treatment will remove more external stain than conventional polishing. This procedure will not damage your teeth.

Air polishing as an adjunct to periodontal therapy. The particle size is 4 x finer than for stain removal in the form of an amino acid glycine salt which does not damage root surfaces when used sub gingivally.  The perio flow system have been found to completely remove the bacterial biofilm in 5-10 seconds without causing damage to the root surface. This procedure is now being used in non -surgical periodontal disease management and also for peri-implant disease management.

*   Photodynamic therapy as an adjunct to periodontal therapy (laser treatment).

Used after non-surgical therapy for people with periodontal disease/peri-implantitis. The laser treatment can relieve patients

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Whilst we offer routine dental care at a competitive price, our team’s advanced skills and knowledge enable them to treat patients ranging from the simple dental problems to the very complex requirements. For the more complex treatments our team would work together to ensure the best possible outcome.


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